01 | Why is Solid Wood Timeless?

January 30, 2019
Beautiful Sections of Solid Teak Wood to make Wood Furniture

She might have melted a heart of stone, but nothing can melt a heart of wood.

Victor Hugo

Natural wood is an enticing material. The use of wood creates a cozy ambience and the warmth of this material makes it feel like home.

Here at MOKKOMOKKO we will like to share with you the reasons why you should choose solid wood furniture for your home.

Solid woods are real pieces of wood from trees treated to make your beautiful furniture. They can come in the form of slabs, strips or other shapes and sizes depending on the wood cutter. The beauty of solid wood slabs is found in the natural wood grains that are honest, real and express the textures of the material.

Crafting Wood

Lasting and Strong

Solid wood furniture is very resilient. The strength of the wood differs from the type of tree, adopting characteristics from its origins.  Solid wood is the strongest and most durable form of wood. With proper care and usage, it can last.

HAYES dining table made from solid wood

ELBRUS bench has a beautiful seat that express the natural wood grains

Easy Maintenance

Solid wood furniture is easy to maintain. Just wipe your wood furniture with a dry cloth and wood cleaner regularly. Refrain from allowing water or liquids to settle on your timber pieces for long periods.

BOGDA coffee table is an elegant piece of wooden furniture
TEIDE 2 sofa has a sturdy wooden frame

Timeless, Beautiful & Highly Valued

Solid wood is a timeless material that lasts through generations. The dancing of wood grains and the warm touch of wood offers an irresistible charm to your home.

Each piece of natural wood is unique, hence each piece of furniture is one of a kind. The initial cost may be slightly higher than other lower grade materials, but you will enjoy the benefits in years to come. A piece of solid wood furniture at home also makes a classy statement.

ALTAI coffee table uses different type of woods to create a beautiful wood tapestry

FOGO stool is a simple but practical sitting solution that is stackable

Beauty that is Here to Stay

Solid wood furniture first appeared in archeological records since ancient empires. They were symbols of wealth and power.  

Today, solid wood furniture remains durable, easy to upkeep and timelessly beautiful – it beholds a beauty that does not fade away. In the generations to come, solid wood furniture will continue to serve as a treasured heirloom yet contemporary piece that will be the definition of elegance, time and life.